Sun Control

Block up to 99% of the sun’s damaging UV rays that fade fine furnishings, floor coverings, valuable works of art and precious family heirlooms. Learn More…

Safety and Security

Hold glass in place – protecting your loved ones against injury incurred as a result of hazardous flying glass. Learn More…


3M Fasara and Frosted Crystal window films can simulate sandblasted and etched glass for a fraction of the price. Learn More…

What are 3M Window Films?

Window film is a product that was originally created by 3M Company to solve several issues. Window film is installed for reasons such as protecting furniture from fading, decreasing utility bills, and adding privacy to a vehicle. 3M Window Films are traditionally installed on homes, commercial buildings, and automobiles and are available in various lines such as sun control, safety and security, and decorative. For more information about 3M Window Film, please visit our products page.

CEU Courses

3M Window Films offer a variety of benefits to the end-user and are also eligible for AIA-accredited CEU courses.

  1. Sun Control Course – Provides an overview of the significant role sun control window film can play in occupant comfort, energy savings, and daylighting strategies.
  2. Safety & Security Course – Provides an overview of safety and security window film and attachment systems, as well as relevant testing standards and specifications.
  3. Daylight Redirecting Course – Provides an overview of how to best harness the benefits of natural sunlight with daylight redirecting films.

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